Georgia Biomass

Our Company

Georgia Biomass, LLC is one of Southeast Georgia’s premier producers of wood pellets. Over the last seven years in operation the company has created over 90 jobs locally, over 300 indirect jobs, and is a great support to the surrounding community. 

Our plant, located in Waycross, Georgia, is one of the largest, most modern facilities of its kind in the world. With a highly automated system and around the clock operation, the facility can produce 750,000 metric tons of pellets annually utilizing 22 pellet mills. 

Maintaining safety is our first priority. Managers and employees meet daily to discuss work assignments and hazards prior to beginning work. Georgia Biomass, LLC engages many contractors who, along with our employees, complete safety training during their initial visit and is subsequently reviewed annually as applicable.

Additionally, Georgia Biomass, LLC holds both PFI and ENplus quality certifications – a first for any US company in the industry. To ensure a quality product, Georgia Biomass, LLC utilizes a rigorous preventive maintenance program to produce a high-quality, consistent product with little to no interruption.

Our Plant

Our plant, located in Waycross, Georgia, started operation in April 2011 and is the largest, most modern facility of its kind in the world. It is a major source of sustainable renewable power generation in Europe.

The pelletizing process begins with delivery of raw timber that has been procured from pine forests that have been certified as sustainable. 

The logs are stored in a holding area until they are needed for processing. This ensures that GBM will have sufficient raw material to maintain our continuous operation. 

The logs are mechanically conveyed into the debarking drum. Inside the drum are ribs. As the drum turns, the logs tumble against each other and the walls of the drum, causing the bark to be removed by the process of abrasion. Once the logs have been debarked, they continue down the conveyor to the chipper. The logs are chipped as they pass through sets of extremely sharp knives. 

The bark is used as fuel for the furnaces. Additional bark can be introduced into the process via the truck dump system.

Heat generated from furnaces is passed through the boilers. Boilers contain tubes filled with water. As the water inside the tubes is heated to extremely high temperatures, steam is produced. The steam is then used in the pelletizing process. 

Wood chips are conveyed from the chip storage area into a rotary dryer. The drying process is essential as excess moisture causes problems and reduces the efficiency of pellets by the end user. 

As part of our strong commitment to protecting the environment, GBM utilizes a combination of  a Wet Electro-Static Precipitator or WESP and a regenerative thermal oxidizer or RTO to control emissions from the pellet production process.

Once dried, wood chips are processed or milled in one of ten sets of Hammermills. These Hammermills process the incoming wood chips into a fiber suitable for pelletizing. When the prepared material leaves the hammermill it enters one of 22 pelletizing mills. 

Following the pellletizing process, pellets are cooled before being conveyed to the rail loading area.

The final stage of the process is loading finished product onto rail cars which will hold 100 MT of wood pellets, or into specialty containers for local deliveries.

For pellets being transported by rail, the cars are transferred by CSX rail to the port of Savannah. In Savannah the cars will be unloaded and the pellets will be placed in the Savannah harbor domes until they are loaded on ships for transfer to Europe where they will be used in the production of electricity.

Our Team

Georgia Biomass, LLC maintains the management team in Waycross and has a European branch in Madrid, Spain, where the International Commercial Manager is located.


Mark Gaddy

Managing Director & Chief Operations Officer
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Lisa Voytko

Chief Administration Officer

Barry Parrish

Director of Procurement & Sustainability

Michael Dalton

Commercial Director

Our Product

To make high-quality wood pellets, Georgia Biomass, LLC uses locally and sustainably sourced southern yellow pine trees. Moisture content, ash deformation, net calorific value (NCV), etc. are monitored closely to ensure compliance within our PFI and ENplus certifications.

What makes a good pellet?

The Georgia Biomass, LLC team works diligently to meet or exceed all quality parameters required by the PFI and ENplus certifying bodies. Regular sampling of feedstock and finished product enables the company to supply superior pellets to our customers. Our commitment to exceeding quality requirements, a few of which are detailed below, puts us in a position to be a leader in the industry.

How are pellets used?

Georgia Biomass, LLC’s pellets are used for a variety of purposes. At company startup the entirety of pellets produced were sold into the European markets, both industrial and residential. Power stations in the EU benefited from government subsidies to convert from coal to biomass. In subsequent years, our customers sold pellets into the residential heating market for individual household use.

In recent years, Georgia Biomass, LLC has been able to sell product into the US residential heating market for use in home wood pellet stoves. Warmer winters have made selling into the residential market a bit of a challenge, but the future holds great opportunity for growth and development of a US customer base.

In 2016 we commenced selling pellets into the US animal bedding market, thus opening another avenue for continued growth. Additional sales opportunities are regularly sought after and we labor to build business relationships worldwide to serve an ever-growing need for sustainable product.