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Georgia Biomass celebrates health and safety record

Wood pellet producer Georgia Biomass, a subsidiary of RWE Innogy GmbH, celebrates its successful health and safety record: for the first time since Georgia Biomass was formed, …

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Boatright Biomass Plant’s ‘Professional Of Quarter’

Georgia Biomass has recognized Renee Boatright, procurement specialist, as “Professional of the Quarter,” said Paul H. McMillan, the human resources director for the company.

Georgia Biomass receives quality recognition and secures long-term contracts

Wood pellet producer Georgia Biomass, a subsidiary of RWE Innogy GmbH, has reached an important milestone: The high quality of wood pellets produced at its Waycross, Georgia facility has recently been recognized by receiving the European Pellet Council ENplus A1 certification. This recognition signifies the capability of the plant to produce pellets to the most stringent requirements as set by the European residential market.

BioMass Achieves A Safety Milestone

When Georgia BioMass first began operations at the pellet plant in the Waycross-Ware County Industrial Park, the company presented a case for having the best employees, trained to perfection, who would work in an environment of safety and efficiency.

Georgia Biomass Outlook Is Strong

The news came in early 2010 that Southeast Georgia would be home to the world’s largest producer of wood pellets for fuel to power Europe’s energy generating plants. That our job-hungry area would be a focus for the renewable energy movement brought a flurry of welcome publicity.