Quality Products

Our Commitment

At Georgia Biomass we ensure that our pellets are consistently of the highest recognized industrial standards which allow our products to be sold into all of the three main wood pellet markets, industrial, commercial, and residential. This includes verifying that the fiber for our pellets comes from accredited sources, as well as validating that the pellets we produce have critical physical and chemical characteristics.

Quality Engineering

Our unwavering commitment to quality has resulted in the assembly of some of the world’s best pellet production equipment design and production companies. Automatic quality checks for critical product parameters and other defect-reduction techniques are integral to our process design for the production of high quality pellets.

Operational Excellence

Further, we believe in the application of Operational Excellence principles to continuously improve our operational performance in order to deliver the best quality pellet. We strive to engage all employees and partners to relentlessly reduce all forms of operational waste, improve people and equipment productivity, and build in quality at each process step. This is critical to the long-term delivery of cost competitive high quality pellets to our customers.